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Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 Fat Meter Smart Bluetooth Scale Large LED Screen There is a special LED screen that allows you to follow your measurements comfortably. This screen is bright. It offers comfortable vision. With your electronic personal balance, you can obtain important data about your health at home. Working in Different Units of Measurement You can set the unit of measurement as Kg or Lbs if you wish. It has a maximum weighing capacity of 150 kg. The minimum weight capacity is determined as 5 kg. Now weighing is much more fun with Xiaomi. Wonderful Square Shape The product reveals its difference with its square form. The white color adds both simplicity and elegance to the space. Those who see the product once are eager to buy it. The scale can be used easily in different places, especially in the bathroom. Ergonomic Product Dimensions Since this scale has ergonomic product dimensions, it allows you to use it by saving space. It has a width of 300 mm and a depth of 300 mm. It has a practical use. Measure Body Mass Index You can measure body mass index in your own home. This index is an important data for your health and should be followed regularly. Durable Batteries The machine works with AAA batteries. Alkaline batteries stand out with their long-term use. Helps you measure your body data Featured with its compact exterior design, Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 can not only measure your weight, body fat and bone density, but also measure your muscle mass, water retention rate, BMI and metabolism. ABS Plastic Body, Comfortable and Durable Mi Smart Scale 2 facilitates the smallest weight changes with high precision G-shaped sensor made of manganese steel. Three different algorithms are used to collect and interpret the data, yielding half the margin of error of comparable weighing scales. Ultra Slim Body Design Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 is only 14.75mm thick. It has a thinness that you can easily store anywhere in your home. The built-in integrated steel ball bearing ensures your device stays level no matter what the floor. Hidden LED Display A compact and modern design that goes beyond traditional LED display patterns; Hidden Screen. You will not see the LED screen embedded under the ABS body when you do not use it. Big Foot Mat and Safe Rounded Corners Focusing on the safety principle, Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale 2 has designed rounded corners for your safety. Smooth edges prevent scratching, while the large foot mat increases flatness and reduces the possibility of slipping.

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