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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop Pro Black - Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Charges Quickly and Works Longer

The robot vacuum cleaner, which can recharge itself in a very short time, stands in its place, ready to use at any time.

Although it is fully charged in just 60 minutes, it can run twice the charging time for 120 minutes continuously.

Sweeping and Wiping Works Together

It can take the burden of most of the housework from you by doing the wiping process after sweeping.

After sweeping, he does a complete cleaning by wiping the places he sweeps with the cloths he has.

Maps Your Home

To clean every part of your house, it first recognizes your home and saves it in memory by making a map of the house.

Since it recognizes the room and other areas in the next cleaning, it can clean it without difficulty.

Can Overcome Obstacles On Its Own

While you are vacuuming that house, you can do other things or spend time for yourself.

You won't have to go after the robot vacuum cleaner because it can overcome obstacles itself.

2 cm heights can pass by itself without external intervention.

Provides Extra Cleaning by Two-Way Wiping

While wiping your house, it provides a much cleaner floor than it should be by wiping it in two directions.

Cleaning modes are divided into 4 as silent, standard, medium and turbo. Turbo is very effective especially on carpets with its highest suction power.

Control by Mijia APP Remote Control

You can make all adjustments using the remote control of the robot vacuum cleaner to map the area registration system.

The Mijia App makes it more practical to use.

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